Dunlop – Goodwood Festival of Speed 2010

Categories: 04 Oct 2011


IDentity are Dunlop’s appointed 3D agency. The exhibition stands for Autosport and Goodwood Festival of Speed are an integral element of Dunlop’s brand strategy.

Our brief was to design and develop a modular stand system that Dunlop could use at least twice a year for at least three consecutive years. The stand needed to be adaptable and scaleable to allow variations to be constructed at the different venues and new elements to be introduced year on year. It was necessary for the stand to be weatherproof and suitable for all conditions, both inside and out. Build times were critical to meet the needs of the venues, and the construction period was limited to two to three days. Of prime importance was the requirement to attract large audiences during the shows and leave them with a positive and lasting impression of the Dunlop brand through experiential interaction.

The solution was to develop a stand consisting of modular components that could be added to or taken away from the overall plan in order to alter the scale of the stand to fit a variety of venues and locations. IDentity designed, engineered and structurally proved three lightweight buildings that were strong enough to be self supporting. We designed and supplied bespoke stillages allowing for easy transportation, erection, removal and storage. To complement the buildings we designed and built a replica of the iconic Dunlop bridge at Le Mans. This provided excellent distance visibility for the stand and drew attention from the audience. At the Festival of Speed, the bridge was upgraded to provide a suitable platform for stunt motorcyclist, Dougie Lampkin, as illustrated above. IDentity’s appointment included the provision of significant AV services, along with site management (main contractor) during the build phases and event management during the event. All stand staff, marshals, pitstop models, AV/film crew, professional sport presenters, catering etc were supplied and managed by IDentity. We included an interview stage integral to the stand and worked with Goodwood to ensure a constant stream of celebrity and driver interviews on the stand. We also conceived, designed and supplied the ‘Dunlop Live’ brand, promoted via a website, twitter account and a facebook page. The website enabled live footage from the stand to be streamed to partner websites for public viewing anywhere in the world. The twitter and facebook accounts were used to raise awareness of the stand and keep people informed of the latest events and alert them to upcoming interviews.