HiQ – Rebrand

Categories: 04 Oct 2011

CI Guidelines


IDentity have been retained by Goodyear Dunlop since 2007 to continually manage and evolve the Corporate Identity (CI) guidelines and standards for the HiQ network across the UK.

IDentity was appointed to develop the new HiQ branding designed by Fitch & Co into a workable set of guidelines and engineered products for roll out across the UK network. This project has included a number of smaller tasks within it, such as:
a) Creating a website portal for franchise operators to access the current CI information and purchase stock signage.
b) Using renders and overlays, visualising new sites to reinforce the HiQ brand and develop the franchise network.
c) The design, engineering, manufacture and installation of an up-selling PoS tyre stand.

To meet and exceed the client’s requirements, we are maintaining the CI guidelines according to the requirements of the client and the latest UK signage legislation. On the website portal, franchisees can view the latest CI guidelines and purchase signage, PoS units and furniture, that comply with these guidelines. We provide a service to the network for existing and potential new franchise operators where we create a visual to show them how their site would look if they signed up to the HiQ network, or upgraded their site to comply with the latest CI guidelines. To assist in this we offer a planning application service and the option to use existing network approved contractors to carry out the installation of any new items. This ensures that the Corporate Identity guidelines and manufacturing standards are applied consistently across the whole network. We perform routine checks to ensure the selected contractors have undertaken the correct Health and Safety and Insurance requirements. Additionally we have designed, developed, manufactured and installed a unique PoS tyre display unit for use within the reception areas across the whole network. The unit has been designed to aid in the up-selling of tyres in a way where the customers can see and compare the different options available to them.