brand revitalisation across Europe.

The brief required us to design and engineer a range of visually striking, aesthetically complementary dual signage that could be economically shipped around Europe and elsewhere, and be easily installed by local suppliers. All signs needed to be adaptable for local languages without changing their appearance or size. Part of the challenge was also to survey the sites remotely and to track the programme’s progress over 60 plus sites. The Doosan and Bobcat brands were brought together into a unified family and so their corporate identities merged. Audits of the sites and surrounding areas were conducted and solutions proposed. Manufacture and shipping costs were kept down with the design of lightweight, roll-up canvas signs and a unique ‘totem in a box’, stackable solution. The latter consisted of a metal transport cage which securely housed the totem panels and parts and provided the totem foundation, obviating the installation of a concrete base. Finally, an online site programme tracker was created, which could be accessed by the client at any time and from which regular reports are generated.