creating tyre awareness amongst toyota customers

The brief was to design a tyre awareness display for each Toyota dealer within the UK & Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Malta, highlighting the influence of tread depth wear on tyre performance, fuel economy, braking distances and overall safety. The design was to be refreshingly informative and visually interactive, engaging customers in order to actively learn about tyre wear. The design needed to be interchangeable with the option for seasonal campaigns and have the potential to be installed at over 200 sites.

The solution was to design a retro fit tyre awareness system that could be installed onto an existing POS unit. The design consists primarily of 5 colour matched base panels, 4 removable magnetic content panels and 3 injection moulded replica tyre sections displayed in a traffic light sequence. Each tyre section is magnetic with a corresponding information plate on the reverse. This allows each tyre section to be used independently of the stand, permitting sales staff to visually engage with the customers about their current tread wear and its implications.